Our Services

We provide a number of relevant and up-to-date training courses on different compliance matters including (but not limited to) GDPR, AML/CFT, regulatory regimes etc. Additionally we offer other support services on these matters.


Your compliance team’s capacity is not infinite.

Do you have sufficient in-house resources and expertise to meet increasingly stringent regulatory reporting requirements? You can add more expertise to your team and help ease the pressure on your compliance teams by working with Supportica’s skilled compliance personnel. We offer professional, flexible and cost-effective overflow and outsourcing options to ease your Data Protection and AML compliance burdens.

Our team consists of subject-matter experts and help clients operating across a broad range of sectors. We can help your organisation develop, monitor and evaluate compliance and risk management systems and processes within your compliance function and throughout the business. We can help to manage part or all of your compliance processes from on-boarding, screening, auditing and monitoring. This means your team can focus on the highest value Data Protection and AML risk activities.


Creating Industry Specific & Customisable  Training Courses

It’s easy to talk about GDPR in theory, but when it comes to applying it to a certain field (e.g. medical practices, FinTech, AML compliance, marketing, sales etc.) things get tricky.

Certain aspects and practical cases have no precedent and require careful consideration and expert knowledge. Many industries, previously unaffected by privacy/AML legislation now fall under the scope and must rapidly and in some cases drastically change their practices. As a result, many companies need to efficiently train every level of management on the newly implemented obligations.

That’s where we come in! Supportica has worked with notable training centers to develop industry-specific training courses and if your business requires such a service we can easily accommodate you.

Courses we’ve developed


Dental Channel (UK)“Understanding GDPR for the Dental
Professions: A Practical and Regulatory Analysis

Sijoitus Akatemia (Finland) “AML/KYC & GDPR.
Balancing Legal and Regulatory Obligations
Stemming from EU Laws

Participating in Conferences, Webinars & Training Sessions

Conferences and Webinars have always been a great way to gain knowledge and meet others interested in the fields and experts. They’re also a great way to gauge your development compared to other businesses and colleagues in the field. In our vastly digitalised world webinars have become a cost-effective and convenient way to learn something new without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Supportica has seen the value in all these opportunities of knowledge exchange and we’ve spread out our efforts to be at your disposal. That’s why our experts are frequent participants in international conferences and course leaders of webinars broadcasted around the world.

Webinars & conferences we’ve participated in

International conference “Global Financial Market and Corporate Governance: Issues of Efficiency and
Performance” Nuremberg, 2014

Sijoitus Akatemia (Finland) “Data Protection and the 4AMLD. From a Practical and Legal Perspective

Dental Conference (UK) 2018 “GDPR Update”

Healthcare Learning “The Busy Dentist’s Guide to GDPR

GDPR & Privacy Law Summit “Anti-Money Laundering
& Foreign Corrupt Practices Act


Sometimes a problem is too complex and there is no universal answer. To you, maybe. With over 10 years of experience in the field, our team of experts thrives in resolving complicated issues. No matter the compliance problem, give us a call!


Times change, legislations evolve and new obligations are constantly imposed. If you can’t keep track of all these changes and the consequences for your business, let us take this burden off your shoulders by subscribing to our regular update service.